When you purchase a record at Friends of Sound, you aren’t just getting music, but feelings and memories. “It’s about the experience,” says owner George Mendoza.  

Main Street Navigator Anissa Farias inspects a Selena record.

Our Navigator team caught up with George at his shop, which is offering curbside pickup and online ordering during this time. In an era where social distancing is required, George has found a connection to local music lovers through Instagram. He starts his Instagram Live sessions with a friendly, “What’s up, fam?”, which has become a well-known catchphrase to his follower base. Friends of Sound has started offering giveaways, record “unboxings,” daily drops, and more through their digital content.  

A rack of records at Friends of Sound

Born and raised in San Antonio, George feels that the shop has expanded beyond his own individual love of music. He sees how important the local record shop is to the fabric of a community. He recalls an instance pre-COVID in which a couple arrived at the shop not realizing it was closed. They explained to George that they had scheduled a date that day specifically to visit Friends of Sound. Touched, he let them in to explore.  

Smaller 45 records adorn the wall at Friends of Sound

“The store was starting to become bigger than me, bigger than any one person” he explains. This was George’s way of providing for his community. He creates and grows relationships with his clientele, learning what they like and procuring it for them.

“The store was starting to become bigger than me, bigger than any one person."

George Mendoza Owner, Friends of Sound

While he admits record shops can sometimes be intimidating to the average person, he has strongly committed to creating a welcome atmosphere in his shop. “This is my home, and you’re welcome in here,” says George. No matter the person or their preferred music, he will make sure that they find a priceless experience.  

Friends of Sound pioneered the sale of 45 records in San Antonio

What it all comes down to is the relationship with people.

George Mendoza Owner, Friends of Sound

Friends of Sound currently offers online ordering and delivery as well as curbside pickup through their online store. Be sure to follow their Instagram, which is integrated with their online store, to see the latest finds, deals, and giveaways.

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