The reopened Market Square is home to a few hidden treasures that local may have forgotten or even never visited. El Mercado Snack Bar, operated by Raquel Coy and her mother Isabel, is one such place.

We know everyone is missing Fiesta right about now. El Mercado represents one of the best aspects of the Fiesta season: treats. They’ve got aguas frescas, Mexican candies, mangonadas, and more. The best part is that they operate all year round. You don’t have to wait for Fiesta to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

The popular San Luis Rey Vainilla (Vanilla) is shipped all over the country

“We’ve had this business since 1983,” explains Raquel. She and her mother are a legacy business in the largest Mexican market in the United States.

Raquel showing off the Tequila worm sucker

One of the most popular items is the imported San Luis Rey Vainilla (Vanilla) from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Raquel says it is a popular ingredient in cooking and even makes her own French toast with it. Check out the other curiosities, like the Tequila worm suckers and Chinese candy. Rediscover your inner child through the candy cigarettes. 

El Mercado Snack Bar is located within the Mercado, surrounding by local artisans and offerings. A day out in Market Square isn’t complete without a mangonada, and the Snack Bar is happy to provide. It’s a favorite spot to get some relief from the heat and get something sweet.

If you would like to support this small, family-owned business, visit the reopened Market Square. More info at 

El Mercado Snack Bar is located within El Mercado at Market Square

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