“Sunset Sessions” by Sound Cream Airstream is the spot in San Antonio this summer. The greenspace came alive with beats usually reserved for Friday's at Tucker’s. Yet families came from all over to experience these Wednesday nights at The Pearl.

The Cuevas Family pose for a photo at the Pearl Brewery. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio

“We wanted to figure out how to share it with other families who wanted that experience.”

Andres Rizo Co-Founder, Sound Cream Airstream

Sound Cream was the brain child of husband and wife Andres Rizo and Danielle Collier. The idea of the “creative capsule” came to them when they saw a way to combine the nightclub experience with spending time with their young son, Ravi. “We wanted to figure out how to share it with other families who wanted that experience.” Says Andres. Soulful, friendly summer feels were just what families were looking for. “We have faithful people who have come every Wednesday since we started and that’s really cool.” Says Danielle, “They never get bored.”

“I have everything I need downtown.”

Danielle Collier Co-Founder, Sound Cream Airstream

Andres grew up in Bogota, Columbia while Danielle grew up in San Antonio. They met in New York, where they both worked in the entertainment, arts, events and nightclub scene. When their son was born, they returned to Danielle’s native San Antonio and now live and work Downtown. “I have everything I need downtown.” Says Danielle. Andres, who was a bit wary to move, was blown away by what he saw here. “Downtown has shown me that there’s a lot here. The community downtown is really something that I’ve discovered, that I’ve enjoyed, that I’m impressed by.”

Mitch and Lora with friends at the Pearl Brewery for the Sound Cream event. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio

When they aren’t lighting up the Pearl, Andres, Danielle and Ravi like to visit parks, the Doseum, art galleries, and the River Walk. Downtown keeps them busy. As Andres puts it: “You can have this full day, with many different things, all within this small area.”

Sharry Page with family and friends visiting the Pearl Brewery for the first time. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio

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