The creative community in Southtown has also given Ryan and Isabella Humphries a sense of belonging. “There’s no judgment here,” says Isabella, “You can be whoever you want to be and everyone is going to love you for it.” The Humphries can be found around their neighborhood at places like Alamo Street Eat Bar, Halcyon, Brick at Blue Star, and Eddie’s Tacos. “I love the fact that we can go eat, drink, and hang out with our friends and not ever have to jump in our car.”

Ryan and Isabella Humphries share experiences they've had in downtown San Antonio. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio 

Ryan finds inspiration in the sights of the center city, documenting them with his camera. “There are a lot of interesting things: The people, the architecture.” Their space at Blue Star serves as both a home and office. The front door opens into their photography studio, with a kitchen just around the corner. Ryan and Isabella work with a diverse group of clients including business people, musicians, artists, and aspiring actors. “It’s about the relationship with the client and making sure we’re giving them what they need,” says Ryan, “and at the end of the day making beautiful work.”

Photo Editor and Creative director Isabella Humphries positions a leather bag from ONA while Ryan sets up his shot. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio 

Ryan and Isabella are purposeful in that work, but being introduced to photography was accidental for them. “Seven years ago I tore a disk in my spine,” says Ryan, “I had to quit my job. It was a really hard time for me.” Because of the injury, Ryan’s mobility was limited. His brother-in-law lent him a camera to use on the walks he took to rehabilitate his back. “I would walk around and take pictures and there was instant gratification from it. I fell in love with it.”

Ryan and Isabella are purposeful in that work, but being introduced to photography was accidental for them.

Ryan pursued this new interest and, with Isabella’s help, made it into a profession. They continued this work when they moved from California to Ryan’s hometown of San Antonio. They’ve been living and working at the creative community at Blue Star for almost two years. “When we came down here we started getting more business and making new contacts.” Says Isabella.

After meeting Ryan in Navy boot camp, and marrying him shortly after their terms of service, Isabella found herself moving to a new city and state. “San Antonio is amazing,” she says, “I’m a first generation American, both my parents were born in Mexico. I feel that the Mexican culture is celebrated here. I feel like I belong.”

A portrait of KSAT SA Live's Fiona Gorostiza. Photo by Ryan and Isabella Humphries. 

She’s become very involved in Ryan’s photography, taking on the roles of Photo Editor and Creative Director. “I’ve never seen him take to something quite like this.” After moving to Southtown, Isabella has found opportunity to rediscover painting as well. “I think everyone is a creative, I think everyone has that ability in them.”

“I started off drawing a lot in class,” she says, “Everyone would always ask me to draw their face.” Isabella was helped along by her father, who practiced many forms of art himself. She says she feels lucky to have had his influence.

This Horny Toad & Co arrow was photographed by Ryan and Isabella Humphries at their in home studio. Visit for more information. 

“I think the reason why you do something is just as important as what you’re doing." 

Isabella Humphries Creative Director

“People who gravitate toward Downtown are an eclectic group,” says Isabella, “We get to meet people from so many different walks of life.” People are definitely a focus in their photography, and are what capture Ryan’s eye when he goes out with his camera. “We moved down here because we love the people and the atmosphere,” he says.

“I think the reason why you do something is just as important as what you’re doing,” Isabella explains. People happen to be the reason for Ryan and Isabella’s work, from the clients in the studio to the Downtown community.

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