As the name implies, Jet-Setter brings an elevated, international bar program that transports guests to the flavors of the world. This new bar inhabits a truly intimate, urban space just steps below Houston Street. The themes of international travel are tastefully incorporated into the décor and even the accessories of the staff.

“I believe that San Antonio is a world class city waiting to happen and is full of potential,” says Benjamin Krick, co-owner of Jet-Setter. “Downtown Houston Street is the heart of the city and sets the tone. We are truly excited to be a part of what I believe is the next big chapter for our beloved city!”

Jet-Setter cocktails. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio 


San Antonio artist Jennifer Khoshbin worked with the Center for Refugee Services to create “Interwoven”, a mural depicting five refugee and immigrant women who are an important part of our San Antonio community. These women, often working seamstresses, came to San Antonio from different corners of the world. They come from Afghanistan, Turkey, Honduras, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Haiti. The colorful portraits highlight each woman’s culture through her clothing style and patterns, while the new tree growth depicts her new life in San Antonio.

“Interwoven brings a story to this high-traffic corner of Houston street,” says Debbie Racca-Sittre, Director of The City of San Antonio Department of Arts and Culture. “The bus stop across the street lends a captive audience to learn the story of the five women depicted on the piece. The hope for the artwork was to connect a prominent, urban corner with the rest of the city, to weave the story of these women with those of other San Antonians.”

Interwoven by San Antonio artist Jennifer Khoshbin. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio

Pinch Boil House

These aren’t the new kids on the block anymore, but it’s worth checking back in with them. Pinch Boil House has added unique Southeast Asian-inspired flavor to the Houston Street Tech District for over a year now, with offerings from fresh seafood to salads to sandwiches. They only get bolder, as with their first live crawfish boil downtown the evening of April 12th at “The Spot on Houston: Tech District Takeover.”

We are really excited about the future of Houston St.,” says Sean Wen, co-owner of Pinch. “Because we think it will densify the urban core of San Antonio, ultimately adding to the diversity and open-mindedness of downtown!”

Pinch Co-owner Sean Wen smiles for a portrait. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio

San Pedro Creek Culture Park

“Once fully complete, the San Pedro Creek Culture Park is expected to spur a $1.5 billion economic impact,” says Monica Treviño-Ortega of the San Antonio River Authority. “And the work being done on Houston St. just furthers the potential of that impact.”

Houston Street is the perfect vantage point for San Pedro Creek Culture Park right now. You can observe the features of the completed Phase 1.1 on one side and the substantial work being undertaken for Phase 1.2 on the other.

Take a morning stroll with your coffee in hand, enter the park from the Houston Street entrance, and enjoy the public art, water features and more! San Pedro Creek also frequently hosts free community events. Learn more at

Playland Pizza

This funky restaurant brings a whole new energy to the retail space at The Maverick Building. The pizza’s great- no doubt. But it ain’t all about the pie! Take it from Daniel Delgado, Bar Manager at Playland.

“Playland brings the sophistication and commitment to quality that Goodman & Bowers restaurants are known for,” he explains, “but in a relaxed setting that is approachable and inviting to everyone downtown.” With outdoor patio seating and specials like Martini Lunch and weekday Happy Hours, Playland has a lot to offer the downtown neighborhood.

“We are excited about the future of Houston Street because the growth is being nurtured by people who genuinely want to see San Antonio successful,” adds Daniel. “From Centro San Antonio to The City of San Antonio- all parties involved want to make Houston Street a hub for growth and innovation.”

The patio at Playland Pizza provides a great view of historic Houston Street in Downtown San Antonio. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio 

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Top image: Jet-Setter Bar on Houston Street. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio