KC’s Global Subs

Kei Wall relishes the opportunity to interact with customers from all over the world in Downtown San Antonio. Her truck, KC’s Global Subs, just joined the Downtown Food Truck Program in April. However, Kei has always been interested in cooking.

In 2014, After 26 years of military service, she retired in San Antonio. Kei was never one to pursue a desk job, and her friend encouraged her to pursue her true passion: cooking. Thus “Kustom Catering Global Subs” was born. Drawing upon her travels abroad, Kei fulfills her mission to bring the flavors of the world to San Antonio.

KC’s Global Subs Owner Kei Wall with her food truck at Main Plaza in Downtown San Antonio. Michael Cirlos / Centro San Antonio 

Her menu boasts an exotic lineup from English Fish Sandwiches to Korean Bahn Mi. As a downtown food truck, KC’s has the chance to serve residents and visitors with varied global roots. Her favorite experience has been serving people of a certain national origin a sandwich inspired by their won country’s cuisine. “To get their validation on one of my sandwiches is precious,” Kei explains. “To me that’s just validation. I must be doing something right.”

When visiting Kei’s truck, she reminds everyone to take note of the “Chef Recommends” option displayed in front of the truck. She’s always experimenting with and creating new things, so you may want to take her lead when ordering for the first time.

Her favorite part of having a food truck is the opportunity to meet and talk with people of all walks of life. These conversations with a diverse audience, combined with her own personal experiences, are what inspire her culinary offerings. She teases an upcoming dish, “Tuscan Chicken Sandwich,” which was inspired by her recent viewing of the film “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

Kei is grateful to serve a community she is so close with. The beginning and end of her military service took place in San Antonio, Military City USA.

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Chef Jose Benitez has had a large following for a while, even before the debut of his food truck “Curb” seven years ago. He was born in Mexico City but grew up in Austin. From a young age, he helped his brother out with his catering company, and was introduced to cooking through his mother. “I knew about good food before I knew about food, if that makes any sense at all,” he says.

He relentlessly pursued his passion until he achieved his dream. He’s professionally trained in classical French cooking but has experience in every major cuisine. Jose has cooked for everyone from the Spurs to Bill Clinton. It’s difficult for him to describe his style. “There’s no genre I stick with,” he explains, “I just do what I feel.”

The Curb food truck. Courtesy of Chef Jose Benitez 

This creative freedom is apparent in the food he serves at Curb. The dishes are familiar at first glance but prove to be far more than they originally appear. For example, his BLT is constructed from pork belly, arugula with lemon vinaigrette, and tomato jam. It’s an unexpected take on a classic sandwich.

Jose thinks he’s been met with so much success because the clientele downtown is primed for his food. He sees a mix of people from business professionals to global travelers. He says people’s tastes are evolving and they don’t want to eat the same old things. They want something simple, straightforward, and different.

When visiting Curb, Jose warns that he’s a seafood fanatic and will steer you toward the seafood. But he assures everyone that if it’s on his menu, it’s because he’s tinkered with it until it’s great. The biggest compliment he can receive is a repeat customer, and he’s received many of those over the years.

“I’m a very shy person,” he admits. “but I think I’m really good at customer service, because I really like it.”

So, drop by sometime and get to know the man behind the food.

The Curb Shrimp Burger. Courtesy of Chef Jose Benitez
The Curb Kimchi & Pork Belly Fries. Courtesy of Chef Jose Benitez  

To learn more about Jose, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

The Downtown San Antonio Food Trucks operate from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at various downtown locations Monday through Friday. For more about the program and its weekly schedule, visit the website here.

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