Centro San Antonio recently partnered with local artist Isabel Ann Castro to produce visual reminders of how to practice safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. These “Cuidense SA” digital posters convey useful information regarding face masks, social distancing, hand washing, and more. 

Poster featuring a Centro San Antonio Ambassador / Isabel Ann Castro

Isabel is a San Antonio native and draws inspiration from her local community. “I’m a Southsider. My work focuses on things in my own neighborhood,” she explains. The people in the graphics are examples of those who frequent some of Isabel’s favorite spots downtown, including the men’s clothier Penner’s and Mi Tierra at Historic Market Square. The colors are inspired by the bright tire shops around her neighborhood. It’s important to Isabel that her work speaks to the people in her community. She includes the messages in both English and Spanish and portrays a diversity of people. “I hope they see themselves in the stuff I make,” she says. 

Poster featuring Musicians at Market Square / Isabel Ann Castro

No stranger to the art scene, Isabel partnered with her friend Natasha Hernandez to create a zine called “Santa Sucia,” a feminist latinx publication that went on to feature content written by women from around the world. She and Natasha attended zine fests around the country and some Latinx Literature courses at universities have even added their zine to the curriculum. Most recently, they have helped organize San Anto Zine Fest at Central Library. Her commitment to the arts has been put into perspective during the public health crisis. While many arts programs are being cut and artists are having trouble finding work, Isabel reiterates the importance of art. She says the impact of art and arts programs are more than just economic. “There’s no culture if there are no artists to create and maintain it,” she explains.

And so, in the middle of a pandemic, one local artist has found a way to protect both public health and local culture through art.  

Download the “Cuidense SA” health messaging at our website at centrosanantonio.org/covid19  

You can follow Isabel on Instagram and Twitter at @queenoftacostx 

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