A Great Downtown

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Think of any city you've come to love.

From the world renowned to the historically classic to today’s modern city—every one of them has a vibrant place of gravity at its core.

Our downtown is represented by a mosaic of cultures – Payaya, Canary Islands, Mexico, Spain, Germany, India, Africa and others – forming a unique American identity.

It is the beginning of our story,

the heartbeat of our people and the place from which we imagine the future. From our center, our vibrant story flows into every corner of our neighborhoods, businesses, homes, people and city.

The viejitas in all our neighborhoods across this beautiful city know that we all need our community—we can’t do it alone—and they know that WE are a tightly woven magical fabric—something special and unique.

Carmen Tafolla Poet Laureate

It is in this central gathering place

that we play, dream, protest, connect and challenge one another to create the city we’ve all come to love. A place where we mourn together in times of loss and celebrate our collective victories sounding our horns loudly for our beloved Spurs.

Every great city has a great downtown.
And this happens to be ours.

Where Innovators Come to Make History

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Dig a little deeper into the story

of downtown San Antonio and you quickly see how it is woven together by innovation, progress, tenacity and vision. We pride ourselves on a DIY ethos. From our historical inception, at the headwaters of San Pedro Creek to modern times—our downtown is built by people who create for the future.

Today, you’ll find a vibrant culture of progress within the core of our downtown.

From a deep reinvestment in our inner-city schools to collaborations among tech startups and non-profits, to co-working spaces and big companies returning to downtown, to artisans and makers to co-creators and culinary entrepreneurs. We are people that don’t wait for the future—we make it.

We are an economy in transition

building connections to a network of global cities, sister cities and friendship cities. We’re on the threshold of a new shift in economic development energized by local, national and international investments.

We’re embracing international scholars

specializing in the art of street design. Spurred on by the passion and optimism of college students and university grads, our downtown is becoming a test lab for the modern city.

It is this spirit of innovation and progress that fuels us.

It has been said that if you want to make something of your life and be a part of building something amazing—San Antonio is the city for you.

Come make the future with us.

A Place to Call Home

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Home to a beautiful weaving of neighborhoods historic and new,

downtown is a vibrant canvas. A unique embroidery of culture, personality, lifestyles and family-friendly communities.

It's our downtown neighborhoods

that position our city as one of the most vibrant and unique cities in our country.

From the buzzing neighborhood of King William

to the historic, yet progressive community of Dignowity, the many neighborhoods that make up our downtown create the diverse opportunity for anyone to call home.


Known as a friendly city for young families,

we offer a vibrant tapestry of parks, children’s entertainment, theatres and a revitalized urban school district committed to investing in our children’s academic success.

With progressive offerings for students, nightlifers and veteran professionals,

there is something for everyone looking for a place to call home.

San Antonio is the new American city. Where one can experience the diversity and culture of a big city while maintaining a smaller community feel.

Pat DiGiovanni

Add in a bustling and growing center of job opportunities

diverse lifestyle options and homegrown sources for entertainment and restaurants, it’s no wonder that downtown San Antonio is ranked as one of the fastest growing cities for millennials.

From young to old

we have neighborhoods for any lifestyle to call home.

It’s no wonder that downtown San Antonio is ranking as one of the fastest growing cities for millenials.

A Vibrant Culture

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Some people have called San Antonio “the most interesting city in the world”.

We couldn’t agree more. With deeply historic roots, experiences and artifacts that have been recognized around the world, to progressively innovative creations that challenge any big city around, a vibrant culture radiates throughout our city.

You can literally experience the world here.

A mix of old worlds and new can be experienced in our open-air markets like the People’s Nite Market and the Pearl. As well as within sacred altars constructed for Día De Los Muertos, and the captivating video art installation on the façade of San Fernando Cathedral, created by renowned French Artist, Xavier de Richemont.

Beyond FIESTA, our marquee party with a purpose, we celebrate like no other

with events like Luminaria, Maverick and Mala Luna music festivals and the San Antonio Cocktail Conference.


21st-century biergartens have come into their own as craft beer culture

continues to thrive. The presence of local breweries maintains its influence alongside the Dorcol distillery, brewing up its own in-house concoction of eastern European liquor.

We play host to one of the country’s best foodie cultures.

From our food trucks and street tacos to our progressive ranch to table restaurants to the countless outdoor patios, Tex-Mex restaurants, BBQ and vegan friendly offerings, you just can’t beat the local food scene.

From the margins of the mainstream, the heart of the underground, Hip-Hop culture is celebrated and validated by all patrons and participants. The message of black-and-brown unity is channeled through the lyrics of local hip-hop collective Third Root. Indie heroes like Deer Vibes and Femina X play the music scene with their die-hard fans following from gig to gig.

We put on the map the classic West Side sounds of Chicano soul

like the Royal Jesters to the amped-up Tex-Mex punk rock of Piñata Protest. And it is here you can also take in the sounds of world renowned jazz artists like Jim Cullum followed by a night with Eva Ybarra on the very same stage.

The local arts scene flows fluid and ever-evolving with the shift from First Friday to Second Saturday and the energy of the push and pull from On and Off Fred and the Contemporary Art Month.

The urban core is where we keep the grit intact.

From Zona Cultural and the moments in time captured on the walls of Mi Tierra to San Anto Cultural Arts gifts to our urban neighborhoods, muralismo preserves the revolutionary story of communities.

From our historic rivers and creeks to our World Heritage Missions, diverse cultural experiences are found on the banks of our city, inside restaurants, shops and late night options, our downtown truly is one of the most diverse, electric and interesting experiences you can have.

It’s a culture that has and will continue to find its way into stories worth sharing.

Welcome To Our Story

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This retropolitan home of deeply connected neighborhoods

and progressive big city is a place we are incredibly proud to call home and it is here that civic pride runs deep.

As the sun sets, this electric and beautiful city is only this way because of our people.

It is the collective story of every single person that makes our city what it is. We are built upon the legacy of generations who have committed themselves to the thriving of our city. When one wins we all emerge victorious as national champions. The local is the national. What happens here happens nationwide.

Indeed we are thriving. So to the countless people who make our city so beautiful, thank you.

Thanks for investing your story here. Thank you for calling this place home. Thank you for welcoming outsiders and visitors as if they were our own.

I'm proud of downtown SA because it is the heartbeat of our city.


We all have a stake in downtown.
This is our city.